Monday, April 21, 2014

God Help Us

How could the Holocaust happen?

Eleven million people - murdered.

Looking back through history, we see these pictures and feel horror, disgust, and condemnation. We consider the Third Reich to be one of the evilest regimes that ever existed upon this earth.

We sometimes wonder, "How could the people of Germany let this unspeakable evil be perpetrated in their very midst?"

The people of the towns and villages that neighbored those death camps gave many excuses after the war:

"We didn't know."

"What could we have done?"

In light of such atrocities, those excuses seem so pathetic... what extreme measures would not have been justified in face of such evil?

Fast forward to 2014.

The post-Roe v. Wade America: fifty-five million people and counting - murdered.

What will people say of our generation when they look at the history books and see pictures like the one above?

Will they not wonder, "How could the people of America let this unspeakable evil be perpetrated in their midst?"

What excuses can we offer for inaction that history will not reveal to be pathetic?

God help us.

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