Friday, February 28, 2014

Weekly Recap

My Three Must-Views from the Week of 2/21/14 - 2/28/14

This Is What Happens When Hip-Hop Lets the Saints In


"There's this whole subtle idea behind Christian music that you always have to be telling people about Jesus. It's ludicrous, because no one who isn't a Christian would ever want to listen to that music"

I have quietly been observing a trend of Christians criticizing Lecrae for "selling-out" and/or compromising his faith. Personally, I think these critics have too narrow a view of what it looks like to be missional. Lecrae's life and work carry a lesson that transcends hip-hop, and we can all learn a lot from this excellent article.

The Gospel at Work: Questions and Answers

"The Gospel always becomes more radically clear in a situation in which it's not culturally assumed."

Speaking of missional, this excellent panel discussion dives into to the topic of serving God in your chosen vocation. What really caught my attention though was the question "How can there be gain for the Gospel as cultural Christianity disappears?" I long for my brothers and sisters in Christ to see the disappearance of "cultural Christianity" as an opportunity, not a setback. (Check out the video from about 13:00 to about 21:30.)

Rend Collective - My Lighthouse 


Last but not least, check out "My Lighthouse" - another great tune from RCE! 

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