Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Recap

Here's a recap of my favorite posts from the past (two) week(s).

9 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Coffee Maker

"Making coffee is more like baking than cooking - precision is important, and small changes can make a huge difference."

Many of us love our morning cup of coffee. Unfortunately, too many people are missing out on just how great coffee can be! For those of you who use an automatic drip coffee maker, here are some tips to make your coffee better!
[Click here to read on]

5 Steps to Teaching Your Congregation a New Song

"God is worthy of us endlessly writing new songs to praise him for his love, mercy, and power. As worship leaders, we should be regularly introducing new songs for our congregations to sing."

This one caught my attention because I am part of a team helping to plan and lead corporate worship at our church, and one of the things we are attempting to accomplish is to introduce new songs. Some good practical ideas here. [Click here to read on]

Let It Go [Live]

This is such a sweet jam. And if you're like me, you'll be happy to know that this has nothing to do with Frozen.

John Piper's Twelve Features of the New Calvinism

"The New Calvinism is robustly gospel-centered, cross-centered... coming at the gospel from every conceivable angle, and applying it to all areas of life with a commitment to seeing the historic doctrine of justification, finding its fruit in sanctification personally and communally."

If you like to follow theological trends, then this summary of Piper's recent address at Westminster Theological Seminary will interest you. [Click here to read on]

I Wrote This Blog on Church Time

"Because “clocker-outer” isn’t really listed in the normative pastoral qualification"

Those of you in pastoral ministry might find this especially interesting... I've often pondered the balance between "church time" and "personal time"... being a pastor (or in a pastoral role) is unlike any other job out there! [Click here to read on]

An Open Letter of Apology from Mark Driscoll

I'm not sure if this was ever meant to go beyond the members of Mars Hill Church. But I'm glad it did. Young men in church ministry like myself can learn much from this letter - both positive and negative examples. We can (hopefully) avoid some of the extremes Pastor Mark went to. We can also learn a lot about keeping family a priority, about having accountability to our Senior Pastor (Jesus) and our fellow elders and leaders, and about avoiding the pitfalls of celebrity. I appreciate his candor. [Click here to read the letter.]

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