Friday, November 22, 2013

Weekly Recap

I didn't post one of these last week, so my "top three" is actually a top five this week...

1. In a world filled with tragedy and suffering, humanity is often left wondering, "Where were you, God?" This song addresses that in a powerful way!

2. "Jesus said 'not to judge'" seems to be the only scripture some people know. Trip Lee does a good job of addressing the misconception that "only God can judge me."

3. Is God a pacifist? Should Christians practice self-defense or serve in the military? Mark Driscoll gives some food for thought.

4. Check out this comic (and the article that inspired it). Has anything done more damage to the modern church than the heresy of "easy-believism"?
(Click the picture to go to the full comic)

5. Finally, this article kind of puts things in perspective for pastors and others in ministry by asking, "Is It Actually Hard to Be a Pastor?"

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