Monday, May 13, 2013

Here It Is!

Here it is: my first post!

By way of introduction, the name of my blog comes from the word “chairo,” which is found in my life verse, Philippians 4:4. It means “to rejoice.”
I chose the name "Chairo" because I want everything about this blog to lead people to joy in Christ. Sometimes that will be explicit; sometimes that will be implicit. But that will always be the theme.

As I pursue that goal, here are some of the types of posts you can expect:

In the Word                   [Tuesdays]

Every week I will share something that I’ve learned from the Word. This could be from my own personal devotional time, or it might be from a message I’ve shared. 

In the War Room      [Thursdays – coming soon]
The Church is on mission in occupied territory. As I reflect on the tactics of the Church and the World, I’ll share those thoughts here.

My Top Three               [Fridays]
Every week I will share my three (or four, or five) favorite links from the week. Nothing is off limits. 

My Take                 [Two or three times a month]
Periodically, I will share reviews on what I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to. Could be about anything from the latest viral video to a 1,000 year old book. 

Behind the Scenes         [Occasionally]
On special occasions, I may choose to share some behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on with my family and me. Because I can.

In view of the fact that approximately zero people will probably ever see this first post, I’m really writing it to keep myself on track. But if you’re lucky enough to find yourself reading this, thanks for joining me on my new journey!

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