Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If Churches Were Coffee Brands

If churches were coffee brands, you might see churches like this:

First Folger's Independent King Java Only Church

They've been drinking the same coffee since 1950 and if it was good enough then, it's good enough now.

Dunkin Donuts Fresh Brewed Church

They have a blend of different coffees, but they're all a little stale-tasting.

Starbucks Church

Pretty much everyone in  town goes there. They've got the "cool" music and the "relevant" atmosphere, but they have to write your name on your cup in order to remember it.

The Pour

They only meet in locally-owned and operated cafes. They would never dream of putting syrup in a latte just to make it more appealing.

All-Beans Church

They just want to drink coffee the way the early church drank coffee. They believe that we are all baristas, whether that's our vocation or not.

So which brand would your church be?

Shout out to Jeff Bethke for his article that inspired me to write this one.

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